We focus on the individual, not the disability. We aim to provide a unique, tailored service to every person.


We support on how to make a decision and find solutions. The Butterfly addresses the particular issues unique to each client; some clients might need one-off information only, while others may need additional support in gaining access to different services. The range of issues for which we provide support are driven by the needs of clients and this may require guidance, representation, negotiation and mediation in various areas, such as health and rehabilitation, education, vocational training and employment, outreach, participation in public life, culture, and sports.

The services will be based on a person-centered, case management approach and span the sectors of health care and rehabilitation, education, vocational training and employability, and transportation through partnerships with recognised and licensed service providers.

Marilena di Coste discussing with child with disability

Mohammed requires information on inclusive schools.

Marilena di Coste smiling with child in wheelchair

Tariq needs support with the medical card.