We act as catalyst for change through collaboration


We inform on the entitlements and services available in Abu Dhabi, by creating a comprehensive directory, centralized data supported by a Help Line, and ongoing extensive collaboration with multiple service providers and government agencies.

By forming these collaborative partnerships, The Butterfly will exemplify community-based services that operate in the best interests of each and every client.

The Butterfly is not involved in the delivery of services (it is not a service provider). Rather, it is a form of independent guidance centred on the client’s needs. In this way, The Butterfly can be independent and advocate without conflict of interest and the client can be assured of gaining impartial information that best meets their needs.

We give People of Determination and their families a broad scope of options from which they can decide, which best meets their needs and allow them to make informed choices.

We are partnering with reputable organisations and professionals to assist you in the best possible manner.

Health & Rehabilitation


Community Services