We gather information on the challenges you face and establish the most appropriate way to support you.

The Butterfly brings advocacy, support, and empowerment in the hands of People of Determination and their families in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Currently, there is a growing landscape of support services for People of Determination, making it sometimes difficult for clients to know where to start, what services they require and are entitled to, and how to design and delivery of services best suited to their needs.

As the landscape of services grows, it will be essential for People of Determination to know what options are available and what best match their needs. Knowing that an impartial, experienced, and informed advocate is at their side, informing, supporting on individual needs and guiding as required, empowers People of Determination to actualize their independence and self-determination. Parents and families will finally have representation that can take them through the entire journey of seeking appropriate support, inclusion, training, and community outreach.

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